Nmap cheat sheet

Network Mapper – better known by its shortened name Nmap – is one of the most long-lived security tools out there.

Used for scanning computer networks for ports, hosts, and services by sending out specially crafted packets and analyzing the responses, Nmap is, deservedly, one of the most popular and essential tools for researchers, penetration testers, sysadmins, but unfortunately also black hats looking for ways into a network.

For those who have only just started using it, Counter Hack founder and SANS instructor Ed Skoudis and his team created a helpful cheat sheet for Nmap, which includes notable scripts of the Nmap Scripting Engine, script categories, instructions for scan types, probing options, and more.

“Even if you are an experienced attacker, it might cover a tip or trick that’s new and useful to you,” Scoudis notes.

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