Bruce Schneier becomes CTO of Co3 Systems

Co3 Systems announced that Bruce Schneier has officially joined the company in the role of its first CTO.

Schneier joins Co3 after spending seven years as BT’s Chief Security Technology Officer and the previous seven years as CTO of Counterpane Security.

Schneier’s formal engagement with Co3 Systems began early last year when he joined the company’s Advisory Board. His intersections with the Co3 team date much farther back to when he and Co3’s CEO John Bruce worked together at Counterpane.

“Incident response is both a critical and long-neglected area of IT security,” said Schneier. “I have long said that security is a combination of protection, detection and response. And while there are service companies that assist in incident response, there is an urgent need for incident response products and tools. Co3 has done an impressive job building an incident response platform that informs and automates the process. I am looking forward to shaping the future of this next wave of the security industry.”

As one of the information security and privacy market’s statesmen and foremost leaders, Schneier is one of the most internationally sought-after experts on security and privacy.

In addition to his role as an author and thought leader, Schneier also currently serves as a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School; a program fellow at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute; a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and an Advisory Board Member of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

“Bruce has always been a real visionary and major agent of change in the security market,” said John Bruce. “I shared his vision for effective security at Counterpane more than a decade ago and we’ve always been aligned in the way that we view the world and threats to its stability. The potential that we have here at Co3 to make a real difference drew us back together. We are delivering on a critical need that Bruce has long advocated—attending to incident response with the same dedication that we commit to prevention and detection. We are delighted to have his voice, his energy and his conviction with us at Co3.”


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