Strong authentication for cloud apps from Duo Security

Duo Security is expanding their security platform to help customers protect access to their sensitive data residing in cloud-based applications, including Salesforce, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and Box.

According to industry analysts at Forrester, security persists as the chief inhibitor for organizations considering cloud adoption: 73% of IT hardware decision-makers remain concerned about public cloud security in 2013.

“We certainly see the economic and management benefits of the cloud, but we’re only going to take advantage of them if we can do so securely,” said Mark Maher, Director of Corporate Infrastructure & Technology at New World Systems. “The enforcement of strong authentication empowers companies like ours to preserve control by fortifying access to company assets, no matter where they’re hosted, on-premises or in the cloud. We use Duo Security to protect access to our VPN and Salesforce.”

Duo Security’s two-factor authentication platform is designed to integrate with an expansive range of applications, devices, and services, providing protection of user credentials. To address the evolving nature of hybrid IT models, Duo has expanded support to protect widely-utilized, cloud-based productivity applications and online storage services.

“To date, we’ve focused on providing customers with a two-factor authentication solution that is not only easy to use but also flexible enough to meet the ever-changing needs of organizations large and small,” said Richard Li. “A critical aspect of that flexibility is ensuring that our solution is capable of providing organizations secure access to the key IT assets that drive their businesses. With cloud adoption gaining momentum, this expansion of our solution platform is an important advancement in providing our customers the single point of protection that they require.”

Meet folks from Duo and learn more about this latest release at RSA Conference 2014, February 24th – 28th. Duo Security will be located at the Expo in booth #2518, South Hall.

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