Cyber intelligence services reveal sensitive data firms are leaking online

Cyber intelligence company Digital Shadows has launched SearchLight – a suite of managed cyber intelligence services designed to reveal sensitive data companies are leaking online and which hostile groups are targeting them.

Threat SearchLight uses data mining and other advanced analytical techniques to continuously monitor hostile groups and their operations to identify the “who, what, where, when and how” of a targeted attack.

It draws on over 80 million information sources in 26 languages across the globe. Sources include social networking sites, blogs, forums, cyber criminal sites, chatrooms, search engines, file sharing sites and other places within the “dark web”.

Data SearchLight is tuned to detect leaked material that once in the public domain can be turned against organisations and cause reputational or financial damage. This can include customer data, confidential documents such as meeting minutes, remuneration information or intellectual property such as designs, brands, images or software source code.

By scouring millions of information sources, SearchLight will uncover where this data is being shared and the hostile groups or individuals doing it. This enables organisations to take remedial or legal action to mitigate the threat.

Alastair Paterson, CEO of Digital Shadows comments: “Organisations are facing a rise in targeted cyber attacks committed by activists, criminals and nation states whose sophisticated and industrialised methods, underpinned by intensive research on their targets, are bypassing traditional defences. Countering these threats requires greater situational awareness of adversaries and their tactics to enable a more proactive approach to defence.

Paterson continues: “Many traditional data feed suppliers generate huge amounts of out-of-context technical information riddled with time-wasting false alarms. Other suppliers provide analyst-authored reports that become out-of-date as soon as they are written. SearchLight is a different approach and is designed to complement existing high-quality technical and machine-readable intelligence provided by other suppliers whilst drawing on 80 million information sources we have identified..”

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