Airbus Group debuts SCADA research project to mitigate ICS vulnerabilities

Airbus Group will highlight this week at Infosecurity Europe 2014 its range of technologies, services and a cutting edge research project to help governments and industry deal with the increasingly complex and unpredictable nature of cyber attacks.

Debuting in the UK, details of a £1.2M SCADA research project will be disclosed, which is aiming to understand and mitigate the vulnerabilities in the industrial control systems that drive Critical National Infrastructures (CNI) such as gas, water, transportation networks and banking systems.

The three-year project is a collaboration between the Airbus Group Innovations research centre, the EADS Foundation Wales, three universities and the Welsh Government. A robotic arm production demonstration will highlight the potential weaknesses in industrial control systems and showcase some of the cyber security mechanisms that can be used to prevent potentially disastrous implications of a cyber attack on UK Critical National Infrastructure.

Advanced cybersecurity capabilities including the innovative Cyber Defence Centre services will also be an important part of the Airbus Defence and Space offering this year.

A Cyber Defence Centre (there is one in UK, France, and Germany) gathers tools and expertise to watch, detect and investigate cyber attacks. Airbus Defence and Space expert services include supervision of IT security, early detection of attacks, investigation, remediation and 24/7 anticipation of advanced cyber attacks, allowing customers to outsource their IT safety management to Airbus Defence and Space experts.

A recognised leader in state-of-the-art encryption technology that is used by the UK and US Governments, Airbus Defence and Space will be demonstrating its family of unique Ectocryp devices that enable for the communication of Top Secret information including both voice and data channels over a public infrastructure, including the web.

Security software from Arkoon and Netasq – two companies specialised in network security, information systems protection and data confidentiality that have been acquired by Airbus – that can provide endpoint security solutions, protecting customers from cyber attacks by blocking Advanced Persistent Threats will be debuting in the UK.

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