German startup raises $2M for NSA-proof server

A German startup has broken crowdfunding records as it managed to get pledges for 1.5 million Euros (around $2 million) in less than a few hours.

The project that prompted such a huge positive reaction? An “NSA-proof” server that provides scalability, high storage capacity and control, as well as location-independent data access and a thought-through social collaboration platform.

The server is apparently extremely easy to use and maintain, can be used from any device and major browsers.

This is a second successful crowdfunding campaign by Protonet, which collected 200,000 euro capital in 48 minutes in November 2012 for creating the social server operating system Protonet SOUL.

For more information about the servers they are currently offering and the ones are planning to offer, check out their crowfunding project on Seedmatch (via Google Translate).

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