New Linksys switch compliments WRT router

Linksys announced the Linksys WRT 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (SE4008), the first in a lineup of new networking peripherals made to complement the Linksys Wireless-AC Dual Band Wireless Router (WRT1900AC).

With sleek lines and designed to physically stack below the WRT1900AC router, the WRT 8-port switch expands a home network while reducing the clutter and creating a clean “stack” of vital networking components.

Offering easy connectivity of up to eight devices, the new WRT Switch brings maximum Gigabit transfer speeds to wired products such as game consoles, printers, hard drives, IP cameras and more.

“This 8-Port Switch was designed and developed for our loyal WRT router fans. As with the legacy WRT router line, we had stackable solutions to help make it easier to connect other products and save space on the desktop, all while building a tower of networking solutions that were all in one place and simple to access,” said Mike Chen, Linksys vice president of product management.


  • Eight Gigabit Ethernet ports deliver speeds up to ten times faster than Fast Ethernet
  • Space-Saving Design: Build up the WRT system while saving desktop space with the switch’s unique stackable design
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Prioritise network traffic such as video and audio applications for optimal streaming from a connected router
  • Auto-Sensing Ports: Advanced ports maximise data flow rates to connected devices. Additionally, when a connected device is turned off or not in use, the SE4008 will place the port in power-saving mode
  • Easy Setup: Simply plug a router into the switch and instantly connect devices to your Wi-Fi network
  • LED Indicators: Located on the front of the switch for simple troubleshooting.
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