Can the next EU regulation guarantee data protection for all?

The European Parliament has agreed its text, the Commission is satisfied with the latest draft, so now we’re are only waiting for the Council of member states to work out what they do and do not want in the new Data Protection Regulation.

Trialogue talks are notoriously tricky and the data protection regulation will be trickier than most. It was famously the most heavily lobbied piece of legislation to pass through the European Parliament in recent years. That the Parliament was able to agree a position so quickly was an amazing feat.

The Council members are expected to reach their joint position in early 2015, so it is timely to take a look at how the debate is shaping up. As a Regulation it will have a huge impact on national laws and the knock on effect to business may be substantial.

The video below features Paul Nemitz (Director for Fundamental Rights & Citizenship, European Commission), Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP (rapporteur for the Data Protection Regulation) and Pat Walshe (GSMA’s Director of Privacy).

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