Market share of antivirus vendors and products

A new report from OPSWAT determined the market share for the top five antivirus vendors with RTP enabled. It includes:

  • Avast – 21.4%
  • Microsoft – 19.4%
  • AVG – 8.6%
  • Avira – 7.4%
  • Symantec – 7.1%

Among specific antivirus products, Microsoft Security Essentials had the highest market share, closely followed by avast! Free Antivirus and Avira Free Antivirus.

While the overwhelming majority of devices surveyed had at least one antivirus engine installed, only 8.7% had run a full system scan in the last 7 days, meaning over 90% of devices had not run a full scan in that period, putting them at risk for infection and in possible violation of data security regulations.

The findings also unveiled information on devices with persisting threats or potentially unwanted applications. A persisting threat occurs when files are repeatedly detected by the antivirus engine and continue after efforts have been made to remove or remediate the threat. Of devices surveyed, 0.7% were found to have persisting threats, and 3.3% were found to have threats or PUA’s.

These statistics could have alarming real-world consequences for both individuals and businesses. According to Adam Winn, Product Manager for OPSWAT GEARS, “Installing an antivirus product is the first, not last, step to having a safe and secure computer. According to our data, nine out of ten users haven’t scanned their system in the last week, and another 15% of devices are using outdated antivirus signatures. These stats, combined with the low usage of real-time protection means there’s an alarming number of unprotected computers. Over 3% of devices show some sign of infection, so it’s reasonable to assume in an organization with 400 PCs, a full dozen are compromised!”

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