How to determine if insiders should be your primary concern

We learned throughout our lives that if we experience the same problem over and over again in a certain situation, we should probably change something in our own behavior / attitude and not blame others. The same way goes with organizations and their IT security strategy. Before they look outside, they should assess the situation internally and see which are the threats to be addressed.

It is more likely for a company to be hacked if employees are not educated and passwords are being shared with no guilt feelings. It is also highly probable for data to be leaked if employees do not know what files are confidential, which are not and if Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is not in place.

Click on the image below to see the complete infographic:

“The infographic we created based on a survey on our Endpoint Protector 4 customers is meant to help IT Administrators, IT security specialists and even business owners with some basic steps to determine which are the weak links in the company when it comes to managing confidential data. Also, our emphasis on insider threats is now backed up with some interesting statistics,” said Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

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