The portable secure desktop: tVolution Mini

At the RSA Conference 2015 Becrypt launched tVolution Mini. The device is smaller than a mobile phone, but has the power of a PC, and transforms a monitor or TV into a smart device for securely accessing corporate applications and data.

Dr. Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt said: “Because it is managed centrally, it ensures a cost effective, secure and flexible solution, at a fraction of the cost of laptops, and with lower risk and complexity than BYOD.”

Although it looks like a USB stick or credit card, tVolution Mini is a PC in its own right, which means it doesn’t rely on another device’s operating making it more secure. It enables organizations to provide staff or partners with a low cost computer to access a corporate network securely, protecting the systems from the risk of malware inherent with users accessing corporate resources from home or unmanaged PCs.

Requiring less than 5 Watts of power, tVolution Mini is an exceptionally low power consuming device that can help your organization to reduce power usage by a significant margin while still retaining full functionality for users.

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