BalaBit releases syslog-ng Premium Edition with Big Data support

At RSA Conference 2015, BalaBit announced an improved version of the company’s syslog-ng Premium Edition 5F3 featuring enhanced support for big data environments, which does an exceptional job of managing big data volume, velocity, variety and veracity when delivering log data to large, central data repositories.

With this latest release BalaBit adds support for sending logs directly to Hadoop and allows syslog-ng users the ability to stream logs into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), eliminating the need to manually load logs into HDFS. Hadoop is powerful tool to store massive amounts data and extract information for a variety of use cases.

“The newest version of syslog-ng can collect data from virtually any source, transform the data, and stream it to Hadoop by connecting to the HDFS cluster; it’s not necessary to create any jobs to get the data into HDFS,” said Zoltán Györkõ, CEO and co-founder of BalaBit. “You can think of syslog-ng as an Extract Transform Load (ETL) tool for your log data. It’s ideal for big data environments because the new version scales really well for large enterprise environments handling a high volume of many types of data. And it can flexibly route data to multiple destinations in hybrid environments. We’re very pleased with the scalability this product offers customers.”

Györkõ explained, “Many syslog-ng users have been using syslog-ng and Hadoop together. This new feature will allow them to create a seamless data pipeline from their existing log infrastructure to their Hadoop cluster.”

In addition to the new version of syslog-ng Premium Edition, BalaBit has also released the latest version of its log management appliance, the syslog-ng Store Box 4F1. The new release includes support for the Reliable Log Transfer Protocol (RLTP) which is a proprietary transport protocol that prevents message loss during connection breaks. The transport is used between syslog-ng Premium Edition hosts and SSB (for example, a client and SSB, or a client-relay-SSB), and interoperates with the flow-control and reliable disk-buffer mechanisms of syslog-ng Premium Edition, thus providing the best way to prevent message loss.

The latest version officially supports Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform for virtualized environments. The addition of the second most popular server virtualization platform means that SSB can now be deployed on the two most popular platforms with a combined share of 75 percent of the server virtualization market.

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