Continuous monitoring of perimeter and internal IT assets

At RSA Conference 2015, Qualys announced that its popular Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) solution for the perimeter now includes internal monitoring capabilities enabling organizations to proactively monitor and get real-time alerts for critical internal IT assets such as desktops, servers and other devices.

Today’s cyber attacks are often a result of cyber criminals scanning and attacking networks on a continuous basis, coupled with an event-driven approach to monitoring an organization’s perimeter. As a result, vulnerable machines can be exploited within hours with toxic combinations of scenarios that can lead to compromises in their IT environments such as zero-days and phishing scams, which can instantly expose an organization’s data. Qualys CM provides a real-time view of an entire organization, and immediately notifies the IT staff as changes are detected so they can take appropriate action.

The solution allows organizations to continuously monitor and respond to changes in their internal environment such as new hosts, OS changes, open ports and services, SSL certificates, as well as changes in vulnerabilities and software.

Qualys CM requires no special hardware and can be set up with a few simple clicks. A user simply needs to identify the host or hosts that need to be monitored, who to alert when states change, and what that change might be. The solution complements the speed of deployment, unparalleled scalability, and accuracy of Qualys Vulnerability Management and other services in the Qualys Cloud Platform.

“All organizations should now assume that they are in a state of continuous compromise. However, organizations have deluded themselves into believing that 100% prevention is possible, and they have become overly reliant on blocking-based and signature-based mechanisms for protection,” Gartner analysts noted and recommend: “Develop a security operations center that supports continuous monitoring and is responsible for the continuous threat protection process.”

“Network perimeters are rapidly evolving and expanding. Enterprise data no longer lives solely in the data center but is shared across remote locations and devices, making networks susceptible to cyber attacks,” said Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO for Qualys. “Our Continuous Monitoring solution helps customers proactively monitor, identify and alert them to unexpected changes in all their critical IT assets before they turn into breaches.”

Qualys Continuous Monitoring for internal scanning is now available and sold via annual subscription, based on the number of IPs.

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