Gemalto’s solutions challenge today’s security thinking

Gemalto demonstrates at RSA Conference 2015 how its SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions help enterprises challenge today’s security thinking with a new data security mindset that focuses on using solutions that protect what matters most: data and identities.

Increasingly more applications, data and services are being built, managed and stored both inside and outside of the enterprise and accessed by individuals anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The disappearance of a defined perimeter has created complexity for security professionals that has been compounded even further by threats becoming more sophisticated.

Gemalto’s SafeNet Identity and Data Protection solutions help customers tackle the perimeterless enterprise and “Secure the Breach” with a data-centric approach to the protection and control of their sensitive information, from the core of the network to its furthest edge.

This year’s RSA Conference 2015 theme “Change: Challenge Today’s Security Thinking” will set the stage for participants to challenge the status quo of information security and create opportunities to innovate and develop new ways to secure the digital future. Based on the findings of Gemalto’s recently released Data Security Confidence Index, a vast majority of organizations are not confident in their ability to protect data after a breach, demonstrating a significant need for enterprises to change their approach to data security.

The company offers:

  • Next-Generation Authentication for secure access to applications that is frictionless for end users and easy to deploy and manage for administrations because it can be delivered from the cloud. Gemalto’s SafeNet Authentication Services support the widest range of authentication use cases for consumers, employees, and partners to securely access information and services for an anytime, anywhere experience.
  • Data Encryption for persistent protection of sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle. From the physical and virtual data center, Gemalto’s SafeNet data encryption solutions help organizations remain protected, compliant, and in control with offerings that secure sensitive information in applications (ProtectApp), cloud environments (ProtectV), databases (ProtectDB), network drives and file servers (ProtectFile), storage systems (StorageSecure), and in motion (High-Speed Network Encryption).
  • End-to-End Crypto Management to build a comprehensive foundation for the provisioning, processing and storage of encryption keys to enable trust in the security of data, payments and transactions. The company’s SafeNet KeySecure, Hardware Security Modules, and Crypto Command Center products that help scale, provision and support crypto operations in an on-demand manner to secure all applications, data and services.

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