Waratek named Most Innovative Company

Waratek was named the “Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2015” as part of the 10th annual Innovation Sandbox Contest.

Innovation Sandbox Contest promotes new approaches to information security technology, provides advice and counsel for entrepreneurs, and exposes the RSA Conference community to venture capitalists, industry experts, senior level business practitioners and thought leaders.

The 10 finalists were chosen from a record number of submissions. Waratek is the first non-North American company to win the Award.

The panel of judges selected Waratek for its Runtime Application Self-Protection technology.

Waratek provides run-time application self-protection (RASP) for security monitoring, policy enforcement and attack blocking from within the Java Virtual Machine. This approach protects both data center and cloud-based applications against exploits that target vulnerabilities in third party libraries or legacy code, as well as zero-day malware and SQL injection attacks. Waratek prevents attacks from reaching applications regardless of whether they target business logic or code vulnerabilities.

To protect against malicious exploits, abnormal file manipulation or unexpected network connections, the company uses a small set of rules to quarantine illegal operations inside the application. Its unique Taint Detection Engine can detect and block SQL Injection attacks with 100 percent accuracy and without generating false positives associated with Web Application Firewalls and other technologies that rely on heuristics and signature-based detection. Waratek enables applications to protect themselves from the inside out, without code changes, hardware or any user discernible performance degradation.

“Being selected by a panel of judges that represents a ‘Who’s Who’ of the security industry is a powerful endorsement for our technology, market opportunity and the value we provide customers,” said Brian Maccaba, CEO of Waratek. “We are honored to have been singled out in a field of such high caliber competitors.”

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