CDNetworks to showcase Cloud Security 2.0 at Black Hat USA 2015

CDNetworks, the global content delivery network (CDN), will showcase Cloud Security 2.0 this week at Black Hat USA 2015, Booth IP29.

Cloud Security 2.0 includes intelligent, next generation behavioral-based WAF technology and DDoS mitigation. This comprehensive solution combines web application and website acceleration with end to end security including DDoS attack mitigation at the network and application layers with 24/7 monitoring and customer portal visibility.

“CDNetworks is the only global CDN with integrated behavioral-based Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection. Our new technology along with our network of 160 global PoPs will allow us to continue maximizing web application performance while protecting our customers from attacks at the application layer 7,” said Will Rahim, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at CDNetworks.

CDNetworks Cloud Security is a proven solution for DDoS attack protection and mitigation where malicious traffic is filtered and quarantined while legitimate traffic continues to follow, thus reducing the impact on end-users and revenue.

Now, next generation WAF technology from industry leader Fireblade is integrated into CDNetworks’ global network, providing an intelligent firewall that is self-learning and self-evolving as opposed to older signature-based firewall technology.

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