Looks like mobile device security is on nobody’s mind

Despite recent high-profile data theft attacks, much of the American workforce has not taken action to protect information on their personal and corporate-issued devices. Citrix found that the majority of people have not installed security software on personal devices, strengthened their Wi-Fi password or changed their passwords more frequently.

What’s even more surprising is that 61 percent don’t have a response plan in place should their data get stolen.

While people expect to access their information from anywhere on any device, they don’t understand the associated risks. The good news is that most of today’s workforce wouldn’t open an email from an untrusted or unknown source and they do think that security and data protection are a priority for their company.

The survey results highlight the disconnect between security as a key business priority and the general public’s understanding of how businesses are securing data and devices in all stages of use.

Today’s threat landscape is the most complicated businesses have ever faced. The survey responses illustrate the security challenges businesses are facing today:

Eliminate corporate data on devices. 88 percent of people do not use work devices with trusted company security software.

Protect personal information. 38 percent of people have a “private folder” on their computer or mobile device that they wouldn’t want anyone else to see. That increases to over 50% for Millennials.

Increase privacy controls and data protection: 69 percent of Americans think having their personal information stolen in their lifetime is inevitable – and 84 percent feel their personal information is more vulnerable now than a year ago.

Protect data and personal information over networks: More than 1 in 3 people feel that companies spend more on their social media strategy than on their data protection strategy. And 70 percent of Americans think it would be riskier to trust a company with their Social Security number than to carry their Social Security card in their wallet.

The survey responses show that businesses cannot rely on people to take the proper security precautions and need to build security into the IT solutions for their business. Solutions designed around who is accessing apps and data, from where and on what device can enable people to work productively and securely. Combined with encryption of data in transit and at rest, businesses can rest easier knowing data is secured in the data center and protected in all stages of use.

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