Network security firewalls approach $1 billion in 2Q15

The enterprise-class network security firewall market sales climbed more than 10 percent compared to the year-ago-period and approached a $1 billion quarterly run-rate during second quarter 2015, according to the Dell’Oro Group.

Sales of firewall products optimized for the edge of the campus network grew faster than those optimized for data center deployment.

“We noticed there is quite a bit of share change in the data center firewall segment as the up-start vendors like Fortinet, and Palo Alto secure some of the business in the data center. Fortinet is now neck-to-neck with Check Point Software for the number three revenue-ranking. Cisco dominates the market and represents about 40 percent of market sales, but the smaller players are seeing more customers willing to commit to larger orders,” said Casey Quillin, Director of Data Center Appliance research at Dell’Oro Group.

“With the massive changes taking place in data center architecture, the migration to higher speeds puts pressure on upgrading network security throughput and performance,” added Quillin.

While sales at the campus edge were robust at 14 percent versus the year-ago quarter, there was not much change in share among the players.

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