CUJO: Plug-n-play protection for all devices

CUJO is a smart device that brings business level Internet security to guard all of your connected home devices. It’s simple to start with no installation necessary.

You get an app that alerts you anytime your devices are in danger. You can get it for only $49 when you back their already hugely successful Indiegogo campaign.

CUJO blocks malware, phishing attempts, and hacks. The device acts as a gateway between your devices and for your connection to the Internet. It inspects packets of data coming and leaving your network and blocks threats before they can reach the target or do damage. It analyzes behavior and secures all devices connected to your network.

CUJO uses self-learning technology to keep watch over computers, smart phones, baby monitors, TV’s and other connected devices by constantly updating itself to block new threats.

“We live in a world where 1% of things are connected to the Internet. Imagine the possibilities when the rest go online. But as that happens, personal security becomes one of our critical challenges. The butterfly effects of inter-connected devices will be staggering. Our mission at CUJO is to create an important additional layer that home users can use to protect themselves,” comments Einaras Gravrock, CEO at CUJO.

CUJO was engineered to start in seconds. It connects to your wireless router with one cable. Your connected devices will still stream directly to the router, so your wireless range is not affected.

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