Video: General Data Protection Regulation, Safe Harbor Agreement, Copyright reform and the Google case

After having been ruled invalid by the ECJ, the Safe Habor Agreement is now back in the spotlight as the Commission has finally issued a communication on the Trans-Atlantic data transfers destined to draft a ‘Safer’ Harbor Agreement.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited Copyright reform proposed by Commissioner Oettinger is not going to happen any time soon – however, we will see the tightening of some loopholes, but nothing like the unabridged reform promised by the Commissioner. More details to come on 9 December.

The tug of war between the EU and Google is still at its height. The American company now faces a hefty €6bn fine after having been accused of an abuse of dominance by prioritising its own commercial shopping channels in the search results. Finally, the General Data Protection Regulation is in the home stretch and hopefully done and dusted before the end of December 2015.

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