LastPass 4.0 features fresh UX, emergency access, sharing center

The latest version of the popular password manager includes a new UX, and a host of new features. LastPass 4.0 is immediately available on all browsers and platforms, including the browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

LastPass 4.0

The new additions and improvements will also be available immediately within new versions of the LastPass mobile apps on Android and iOS.

For better performance, organisation and security, new updates also include:

  • Large, bold visual elements with intuitive new navigation to simplify data management
  • A choice between “Grid” view or “List” view to streamline workflow
  • Quick “Add” menu in the vault, to instantly save a new site, Secure Note, Form Fill Profile or Folder
  • Multi-select of items in the vault to easily make bulk changes
  • Tools to help organise a LastPass vault and manage data, including hover menus with options to launch, edit, share or delete items.

A toggle option will also give existing users the ability to switch between the previous interface and new 4.0 design for the next several months.

New emergency access

A new feature in 4.0, Emergency Access lets users designate trusted family, friends or colleagues to have access to their password vault in the case of an emergency.

For added security, a user can require a waiting period between when an Emergency Access contact can request access to the vault and when access is granted. During the waiting period, users can decline an Emergency Access request to their vault.

Revamped sharing through new Sharing Center

The concept of shared access to online accounts is not new, but despite the risks, many consumers still share passwords insecurely via texting, emailing, or writing passwords down in public spaces.

The new LastPass Sharing Center is one central location that allows users to easily manage and share passwords in a secure, encrypted way.

Whether partners need to share logins for the mortgage and paying bills, or aging parents need to share important logins with their family, the Sharing Center keeps the passwords in sync for everyone. Users can manage who has access to shared accounts and have the option to remove access at any point.

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