Phantom named RSA Conference 2016’s Most Innovative Startup

RSA Conference has named Phantom “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2016″ in its Innovation Sandbox Contest.

A panel of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and large security companies selected Phantom from a group of 10 finalists as the winner. The annual conference competition is a half-day program during which up-and-coming startups grab the spotlight and demonstrate groundbreaking security technologies to the broader RSA Conference community.

Past winners include Sourcefire, Imperva and most recently Waratek.

Phantom won the award based on its ability to demonstrate a clear solution for three major security challenges: security threats arriving with unprecedented diversity, volume and velocity; ever-increasing complexity due to amount of products and platforms companies need to manage; and a drought of expert security personnel.

Its security automation and orchestration platform integrates with a company’s existing security technologies to build a layer of “connective tissue” between them. This allows security professionals to quickly identify threats and act on them with confidence, enabling companies to close the security gap.

“We are deeply honored to receive such prestigious recognition from our peers in this industry,” said Oliver Friedrichs, founder and CEO of Phantom. “The Phantom team strongly believes in its community-based approach to security automation and orchestration, and we are thrilled the judges recognized our innovative technology as a way to solve a problem that has plagued companies for so long.”

“This year’s Innovation Sandbox Contest demonstrates the dedication to the progress of groundbreaking information security technologies,” said Sandra Toms, vice president and curator of RSA Conference. “The contest’s 10 finalists display all of the qualities our panel of influential judges deem worthy of recognition in an industry that is constantly evolving. Phantom earned the No. 1 spot through providing a solution that speaks to many of the challenges we face in the industry today.”

RSA Conference 2016

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