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We’ve all experienced that moment when you realize that you’ve shared the wrong file with the wrong person, potentially even at the wrong time. You’ve lost control over something valuable.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2016, Grant Shirk and Veliz Perez, Head of Product Marketing and Product Marketing Manager at Vera respectively, talk about how the industry has been very focused on protecting data within the enterprise and on managed devices. But because there’s so much information constantly being shared beyond our walls, we need a new approach.

We need to operate in a model where we trust the people we share information with. The minute you send a file or you share information, it’s pretty much gone. You have no idea how people are going to use it and forward it.

In order to scale up security, we need to shift the perimeter down to the data itself, down to what really matters.

Your need to protect confidential data extends past the borders of your business. With Vera, you can protect any kind of data – from Office files to videos and more – and then track, audit, and manage access in real-time, no matter how far they travel. They make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they use, including email, Box, Dropbox, or local file shares.

  • Secure any kind of data, including Office, PDF, movie and image files
  • Encrypt sensitive information with AES 256-bit encryption and data loss prevention
  • Protect files though the “last mile,” even after they’re downloaded
  • Share securely with recipients, no agent or Vera account required.

RSA Conference 2016

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