Lack of backup tech hinders next-generation database adoption

While there is immediate and increasing interest in evolving infrastructure to support distributed, scale-out databases and cloud databases, a lack of robust backup and recovery technologies hinders adoption.

next-generation database

A new Datos IO survey examines IT leaders’ concerns and benefits cited on the rising demand for distributed applications and adoption of scale-out databases, including MongoDB and Cassandra (Apache and DataStax).

The report analyzed 204 IT professionals responsible for application and database deployment, operation, management and architecture across companies ranging in size from less than 500 to more than 10,000 employees worldwide.

To remain competitive in today’s digital economy, enterprises must meet ever-increasing data demands by building, running and managing modern cloud applications, including customer and security analytics, real-time supply chain management, IoT and digital content and advertising. Such applications require scalable and available databases deployed on premise or in the cloud for adequate agility, speed and scale.

Key findings

  • 75%+ of respondents predict the next-generation database will influence organizational growth in the coming 24 months.
  • 80%+ of enterprise IT and database professionals believe deployment of a next-generation database will grow 2x+ by 2018.
  • The majority of apps (54%) deployed on a next-generation database are analytics related, with business management, IoT and security apps close behind.
  • MongoDB and Cassandra lead distributed database deployment, followed by cloud-native databases from Microsoft and Amazon.
  • 89% of enterprise IT database professionals declared that backup and recovery (as a function of storage) is critical for production applications.
  • 61% of enterprise IT and database professionals cite poor backup and recovery solutions available today as preventing adoption of next-generation database technology.

next-generation database

“This survey shows IT application and database professionals clearly understand that for organizations to ride this unprecedented tide of data agility, they also need to innovate data storage, specifically for distributed backup and recovery,” said Tarun Thakur, CEO, Datos IO. “To deploy and scale next-generation applications, enterprises must be sure that data can be managed and recovered over its lifecycle at scale. To ultimately unlock the full potential of data, it is imperative that businesses fill today’s data protection gaps.”

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