Armor helps streamline HITRUST certification

As the healthcare industry continues to be a major cybercrime target, compliance has gained even more significance. HITRUST certification has emerged as the benchmark for healthcare organizations to demonstrate sound security policies and a commitment to patient privacy.

armor hitrust certification

Specialized Healthcare Partners (SHP), a preeminent receivables management company that engaged Armor to establish cloud security policies, achieved HITRUST certification on the first attempt, which is only obtained by a small percentage of initial applicants. This certification positions SHP as one of the only companies in its space to have HITRUST recognition.

“Healthcare providers and their business associates are under tremendous pressure to meet complex technical and process-oriented compliance requirements for standards including HIPAA, HITECH and ISO,” said Patrick Lutz, Managing Partner and SHP Chief Security Officer. “We consider Armor’s platform the gold-standard to address HITRUST CSF. SHP takes security and privacy seriously and with Armor, we can offer our clients, and their patients, a superior level of data protection.”

SHP needed a partner to show strong cloud security compliance to finalize its HITRUST submission. Armor Complete provides a comprehensive, compliant, cloud platform without the complexities that impede business operations. Armor, which is at the forefront of helping companies achieve compliance through sound security processes, has policies and procedures to provide a solid foundation and establish consistency across healthcare and financial environments.

“Armor’s philosophy is to protect data first and foremost, which is an ideal complement to the mission of SHP and any organization seeking compliance,” said Jeff Schilling, CSO, Armor. “Our technology is designed to align with our customers’ specific business needs. This allows us to implement necessary security controls to keep sensitive data safe while adhering to strict regulatory standards. Because of the healthcare industry’s complex nature, we are careful to ensure our solutions do not hinder operational performance or volume.”

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