Consumers harassed by 30 million spam calls every day

Consumers are giving up twice as much sensitive data over the previous year, according to First Orion.

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Consumers are accosted by over 30 million spam calls to their mobile phones every day. To get a better understanding of the consequences, First Orion conducted a survey asking 1,000 American adults with mobile phones various questions about their experiences with telemarketers and scammers.

Over 4 percent of those surveyed gave away credit card information to a scammer amounting on average to over 15 million Americans, which is double the number from last year.

While only 1 percent gave up social security numbers in 2015, 2.4 percent did this year, which suggests that nearly 10 million mobile subscribers in the US will provide their social security number to a scam caller this year.

Nearly 3% of those surveyed received 10 or more scam calls in the last month, which amounts to over 1.5 billion calls per year. Almost 5% of the total changed their telephone numbers to end the constant harassment, which equates to about 20 million people.

Other selected survey results:

  • 52 percent considered receiving spam calls to their mobile phones to be an annoyance
  • 59 percent of those surveyed do not know their rights when it comes to telemarketers and debt collectors
  • Half believed that their phone carrier should be responsible for protecting them from scams
  • Two thirds said they would choose a phone carrier that automatically blocked unwanted calls from reaching them over another company that did not.
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