New infosec products of the week​: November 11, 2016

Norton Mobile Security for Android boosts security and privacy protections

A new version of Norton Mobile Security for Android has been released. The App Adviser feature, which deploys proactive protections against malicious apps and other sophisticated threats on Android devices has been redesigned for ease of use.

The Report Card feature gives Norton Mobile Security for Android users a 360-degree view of their mobile device’s security and privacy status, helping them take control of and overcome potential mobile threats and privacy risks.

Norton Mobile Security for Android

Ixia enhances Application and Threat Intelligence Processor

Ixia announced enhancements to the company’s Application and Threat Intelligence Processor (ATIP). New enhancements enable security and network professionals to extract metadata from their network connections, including IOC, spanning URLs, Uniform Resource Identifiers, Session Initiation and Cisco Discovery Protocols, Domain Name System Text, and User Agent. This context aware metadata enables existing reporting tools to deliver analysis results, resulting in improvements in MTTI and MTTR to threats and suspicious activity.


Guardian Analytics Sentinel protects treasury management organizations from fraud

Guardian Analytics released Guardian Analytics Sentinel, a behavioral analytics and machine-learning solution protecting B2B web portals from many fraud schemes. It can be used to detect a wide array of fraud types including: account takeover, business email compromise (BEC), fake invoicing, fake purchase orders and modified wire and ACH templates.

Guardian Analytics Sentinel

Aon introduces new risk management solution

Sweeping changes to data protection law including stronger enforcement powers and higher fines will come into force for every organisation in every country having operations in the EU on 25 May, 2018 with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. In response, Aon launched EU Data Protect, a risk management solution that helps organisations prepare for the GDPR and protects against some of the potential financial impacts of the regulation.

Aon risk management solution

Arch Insurance Group releases Arch Netsafe 2.0

Arch Insurance Group launched Arch Netsafe 2.0, designed to protect a company’s liability to third parties and their own business income and data asset loss from network security and privacy exposures. This is a differentiated product because it includes coverage for regulatory fines and payment card industry assessments within the core Network Security and Privacy offering rather than excluding or sub-limiting them as many other policy forms do.

Arch Netsafe 2.0

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