UK organisations have a worrying digital security gap

UK organisations reveals that while 82 percent of C-Suite and senior managers admit they are concerned about the vulnerability of their web sites, mobile applications and social media accounts to cyber attack and impersonation, according to Risk IQ.

worrying digital security gap

57 percent do not have a digital brand protection programme or team in place and 34 percent are missing a dedicated cyber threat management programme to protect them. As a result, organisations are missing the opportunity to detect cyber threats in the early stages where mitigation would greatly reduce the negative impact to the business and its customers.

Organisations continue to invest in web, mobile and social to engage with customers. This introduces new security risks that sit outside the corporate firewall, including threat actors compromising vulnerable web assets and duping users by impersonating business brands.

Aligned with the heightened cyber threat, 82 percent of those surveyed cited that the security of digital channels is a boardroom concern and 90 percent agree that their organisation is equally or more at risk from cyber security attacks and digital brand impersonation compared to just five years ago.

The survey results indicate high confidence among the C-Suite and senior managers in protecting a business’ digital presence despite lack of controls being applied to do so, and with minimal organisational responsibility evident.

worrying digital security gap

Although 88 percent would rate themselves as having good to excellent knowledge of cyber security, one quarter either don’t know or don’t currently monitor their digital channels. This is with the understanding that 68 percent feel that their organisation is more at risk from cyber security attacks today compared to five years ago.

Such concerns are having a direct impact on business progress, with 85 percent of those surveyed stating that cyber security and brand protection concerns are affecting the rollout of new digital initiatives.

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