InfoArmor VigilanteATI: Threat intelligence from the Dark Web

InfoArmor has expanded its global customer base in the enterprise and SME/SMB sector with its award-winning VigilanteATI Advanced Threat Intelligence Platform and Investigative Services. These organizations are using VigilanteATI and VigilanteATI Accomplice to gain high-value threat intelligence throughout the threat lifecycle.

VigilanteATI threat intelligence dark web

From preemptive attacks to post-breach attribution, VigilanteATI helps enterprises and organizations enhance their security posture. For the SME/SMB, VigilanteATI Accomplice is an ideal solution to mitigate risk where resources and expertise in IT security can be limited.

In the past few years, the threat intelligence vendor landscape has greatly changed. Many threat intelligence vendors have been either acquired by appliance vendors to incorporate their feeds into their hardware solutions, or have had their services disbanded. Other vendors who claim to offer threat intelligence are in fact offering threat information, with limited or no context and simple aggregated feeds.

Organizations rely heavily on public networks for their business processes and are under scrutiny as the number of breaches continue to rise. Threat actors can gain access to sensitive information through network intrusion by taking advantage of breached data in the form of compromised credentials and other malicious threats that are available in dark/closed forums.

VigilanteATI helps to address these issues by providing a comprehensive and “true” threat intelligence platform based on operatively-sourced data gathered by an elite team of researchers that harvest information from the Dark Web.

“The number of high profile breaches and successful cyber-attacks are, unfortunately, growing rapidly as the frequency and complexity of malicious threats increases,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Today, the term threat intelligence is widely associated with generic information about IP addresses, URLs, and web domains. This information is important but rather basic and enterprise organizations need more. InfoArmor adds value by delivering threat intelligence in the purest sense – operatively-sourced from the Dark Web where it is virtually impossible for the average IT security professional to penetrate.”

Compromised credential breaches have made major news as of late. These breaches have affected billions of users, and have placed enterprises and governments around the globe in jeopardy. If root or administrative users’ credentials are compromised, this can open the door to an organization for the threat actor and place their assets at risk. The InfoArmor team of elite operatives and researchers have idenitifed and validated many of these high profile breaches recently featured in the media. Most so-called threat intelligence vendors do not provide this type of investigative research which can deliver preemptive intelligence for organizations to monitor and mitigate the risk of a planned breach.

In 2016, InfoArmor’s Advanced Threat Intelligence Unit expanded its global reach and secured customers in Europe and Asia, as well as increased its core customer base in the Americas. With new cybersecurity legislation being passed globally, awareness has increased along with customer demand.

“We are seeing a steady stream of inquiries for our solutions and services which have resulted in record sales for our Advanced Threat Intelligence Unit over the past year,” said Mike Kirschner, senior vice president, sales and marketing at InfoArmor. “The threat intelligence landscape has undergone a drastic change in the past couple of years and organizations are looking for the expertise that we possess to deliver real contextual threat intelligence that is operatively-sourced, and not just a data feed with minimal or no value.”

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