Data-centric IoT security for Hadoop Big Data environments

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) introduced today at RSA Conference 2017 HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT, designed to easily secure sensitive information that is generated and transmitted across Internet of Things (IoT) environments, with HPE Format-preserving Encryption (FPE).

Data-centric IoT security

The solution features the industry’s first-to-market Apache NiFi integration with NIST standardized and FIPS compliant format-preserving encryption technology to protect IoT data at rest, in transit and in use.

While IoT provides a vast amount of data that can deliver valuable insights and analytics to help organizations innovate, the influx of connected devices also presents new security challenges and attack vectors. There have been a number of IoT exploits in recent years, such as hacking into a connected car, connected camera vulnerabilities, and DDoS attacks, but what’s alarming is that this may only be the beginning as enterprises look to deploy IoT across their networks. According to a Gartner survey, security is the top barrier to IoT success cited by respondents (35%), followed closely by cost and funding concerns (32%).

The data generated from IoT is a valued commodity for adversaries, as it can contain sensitive information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI) or Protected Health Information (PHI). For example, a breach of a connected blood pressure monitor’s readings alone may have no value to an attacker, but when paired with a patient’s name, it could become identity theft and a violation of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

However, Apache NiFi, is an integrated data logistics platform for automating the movement of data between disparate systems. It provides real-time control that makes it easy to manage the movement of data between any source and any destination. Derived from the National Security Agency’s Niagarafiles project, Apache NiFi is an open source platform that enables security and risk architects, as well as business users, to graphically design and easily manage data flows in their IoT or back-end environments. The HPE SecureData NiFi integration enables organizations to incorporate data security into their IoT strategies by allowing them to more easily manage sensitive data flows and insert encryption closer to the intelligent edge.

Additionally, as an expansion of HPE’s alliance with Hortonworks, HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT is the only offering from a security vendor certified to seamlessly integrate with Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF). This integration ensures information is secured throughout the dataflow management and streaming analytics process as HDF quickly collects, curates, analyzes and delivers insights in real-time, on-premises or in the cloud.

HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT extends data-centric protection, enabling organizations to encrypt data closer to the intelligent edge before it moves into the back-end Hadoop Big Data environment, while maintaining the original format for processing and enabling secure Big Data analytics.

RSA Conference 2017


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