Remote credential rotation for distributed environments

At RSA Conference 2017, Bomgar introduced Bomgar Vault 17.1, the latest version of its enterprise password and credential management solution.

Remote credential rotation for distributed environments

Bomgar Vault helps organizations secure, manage, and administer shared and sensitive credentials for privileged users and IT vendors, and improve security, compliance, and productivity by enabling security professionals and IT administrators to quickly find and gain control of privileged credentials, manage and rotate passwords, and securely use shared accounts.

Bomgar Vault 17.1 is the first enterprise password management solution to offer remote credential rotation from an on-premise solution with its new RotateAnywhere technology. RotateAnywhere allows organizations to rotate credentials remotely on an Internet-connected network without VPN connectivity or leveraging software defined networking (SDN), securing systems regardless of domain trust and connectivity.

“Many of our clients, including banks, hospital networks, and managed service providers, were coming to us with challenges related to rotating and randomizing privileged credentials at remote sites,” said Sam Elliott, director of security product management, Bomgar. “Our clients didn’t want to take on the additional risk and cost of creating multiple VPNs that are required by legacy enterprise password management solutions. As an answer to that challenge, we created RotateAnywhere within Bomgar Vault, allowing organizations to improve the security stance of their distributed business and ecosystem.”

In addition to remote credential rotation, Bomgar Vault 17.1 also provides advanced security and productivity features, including:

  • Automated Credential Scanning – Quickly find credentials in your environment, retrieve password age, and determine if they’re enabled and/or privileged.
  • Vault API – Keep “password sprawl” in check by centralizing the storage of all privileged credentials.
  • Streamlined Management and Elevation Approvals – Use email alerts and approvals to keep responsible parties informed of credential use, and gain insight into the health of privileged credentials.
  • Service Account Management – Maintain business continuity by achieving optimal system uptime for service accounts.
  • App to App Credential Security – Remove hard-coded passwords from applications and scripts to securely manage application to application credentials that do not require human intervention.

Organizations can also integrate Bomgar Vault with Bomgar’s Privileged Access and Remote Support solutions to inject credentials directly into end systems, allowing support and security professionals to gain approved access to remote systems without ever viewing the login credentials or passwords.

RSA Conference 2017

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