New infosec products of the week​: May 26, 2017

Independent expert advice on Data Protection and GDPR

For many organisations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now mandates the appointment of an independent Data Protection Officer (DPO). In response to this, BH Consulting has launched a new DPO-as-a-Service offering in order to assist clients in meeting their data protection compliance requirements. BH Consulting has partnered with various organisations in order to provide a comprehensive and flexible service which ranges from providing on-demand expert advice, to delivering a fully outsourced model.

infosec products may 2017

Simplifying and securing hybrid cloud adoption

Skyport Hybrid Cloud Edge is a new set of functionalities within Skyport’s signature SkySecure system that is designed for managing and deploying policy for hybrid cloud applications. The solution allows network architects to retain control of security and visibility into their hybrid cloud environments, while providing DevOps speed, agility, and ability to delegate application policy where it belongs, with the app owners themselves.

infosec products may 2017

Cybersecurity training platform addresses critical skills shortfall

Project Ares provides cybersecurity professionals and students the means to practice skills and hone tactics through a real-time online training platform. Designed for commercial, government, and academic customers, Project Ares deploys realistic, skill-specific virtual environments with real-world tools, network activity, and a library of mission scenarios. Game-based learning provides feedback in a safe atmosphere where trainees can solve relevant problems without consequence.

infosec products may 2017

Automated security controls measurement and risk remediation

NopSec released E3 Engine, a security analysis technology that enables governments, enterprises, and mid-size organizations to evaluate its threat data, explore and assess the effectiveness of its mitigating controls, and enrich its remediation prioritization information. With E3 Engine, organizations now have the ability to safely and actively exploit their vulnerabilities in between penetration tests, adding a layer of security control validation and risk remediation to their IT environments. It is also capable of escalating exploit-obtained privileges across the network to move laterally and eventually to an entire domain compromise.

infosec products may 2017

Data-centric security solution with multi-factor authentication

Vera announced support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions by Duo Security, RSA SecureID and Twilio. Vera’s ability to enable MFA augments its existing support for identity management (IDM) solutions including Okta, Microsoft, Ping, Centrify, OneLogin and other IDM solutions supporting SAML, OAuth or ADFS. With this added functionality, Vera completes its mission to enable 360-degree, real-time access control to information, regardless of location.

infosec products may 2017

IBM Resilient helps clients to rehearse, prepare for and manage GDPR

IBM announced new incident response capabilities, from its IBM Resilient security portfolio, to help companies address the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These capabilities are designed to help clients rehearse, prepare for and manage the new regulations.

infosec products may 2017

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