Self-service perimeter security for the hybrid cloud

Skyport Systems, a secure hyperconverged infrastructure provider for the hybrid enterprise, announced at the Black Hat USA 2017 conference the release of new self-service capabilities aimed at increasing the security and agility of hybrid cloud application deployments across the enterprise.

perimeter security hybrid cloud

These new capabilities for Skyport’s signature SkySecure system will reduce the growing burden on IT departments by providing users with a set of self-service application deployment, policy management, and troubleshooting tools.

Applications built for SaaS and hybrid cloud deployments leverage application gateways in order to manage the required connections. Deploying these gateways correctly in what networking teams call the DMZ – the secure zone – at the edge of the network requires a lot of coordination between application developers, business owners and the network operations teams to manage all of the complexity of the changes. This complexity slows down the agility of the organization.

This new self-service capability enables the networking teams to safely delegate the gateway deployment, as well as the configuration of policies, to the application owners.

Skyport’s architecture ensures that any changes made will only impact a single gateway, eliminating the danger of change-based outages. This new approach eliminates the need for costly change control meetings and lengthy firewall policy testing, which saves organizations time and money.

With self-service, Skyport is providing users with role-based access and enhanced entitlement scale that will allow the DevOps teams the flexibility that they need to move fast, but also provide the centralized security and visibility that the organization needs to stay safe.

Using the SkySecure system, security is built directly into the compute infrastructure, allowing critical applications and exposed edge workloads to execute securely. This eliminates the bottlenecks caused by firewalls that restrict the flow of applications from cloud to on premise, and back again.

“Skyport delivers a cloud-like experience that provides application owners with the guardrails necessary to deploy fast and fail safe, while reducing the need for troubleshooting and the possibility of breaking the entire network,” says Art Gilliland, CEO of Skyport Systems.

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