New infosec products of the week​: November 10, 2017

Login to Office 365 with your face

Nexus Group is the first authentication app supplier to show off logging in with iPhone X Face ID to digital resources on a computer. The new feature in Nexus Personal Mobile lets users log in via facial recognition to all digital resources that are made available to them by, for example, their employer, school or bank. The new feature is already live and included in the version of Personal Mobile that is available for download on the App Store.

infosec products November 2017

Actionable intelligence for meeting data challenges

Coolfire Solutions’ Ronin Platform sits on top of existing systems and infrastructures to help transform data into actionable intelligence and facilitate improved decision-making. The Ronin Platform can access information from multiple disparate systems and present it to users anywhere. That data can then help users take immediate action – a priority sales order can become a rush delivery, a sensor alert can become a security response in real-time, a work crew can be found and dispatched to handle a power outage.

infosec products November 2017

WatchGuard’s new tabletop UTM appliances deliver speed and security

WatchGuard announced hardware upgrades for the Firebox T Series of unified threat management (UTM) appliances. The throughput improvements and added features in WatchGuard’s new T15, T35 and T55 tabletop appliances allow users at small offices, home offices and distributed enterprises to experience blazing-fast internet speeds, and the most advanced enterprise-grade security protections and controls.

infosec products November 2017

Expel delivers antidote for failed managed security relationships

The combination of the Expel Workbench and Expel analysts monitoring your environment 24×7 provide managed security that finds attackers and gives you the answers you need to kick them out and keep them out. When Expel analysts decide something is suspicious and requires further investigation, you know immediately. And you’re able to watch that investigation as it progresses. You can see evidence as we collect it as well as our analysts’ findings for each piece of evidence.

infosec products November 2017

Ixia SaaS solution models data breaches and threat vectors

BreakingPoint Cloud helps organizations optimize their security processes and procedures to “detect, react and improve”, with realistic reach and attack simulation that enables customers to take a proactive approach to data and application security, enhance the skillset of security personnel, and streamline processes for improved efficiency. The platform is built to go beyond simulating non-volumetric attacks, enabling customers to validate DDoS mitigation solutions as well.

infosec products November 2017

Distil Networks announces JavaScript deployment option

Distil Networks announced enhancements to its Bot Defense Platform, with the availability of a new JavaScript deployment option. By using the JavaScript deployment, users can now choose to integrate the product into their own code with no infrastructure changes required.

infosec products November 2017

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