New infosec products of the week​: November 17, 2017

Yoti launches digital identity app

The free app is available for Apple and Android phones and takes less than five minutes to set up. People take a selfie and scan a passport or driving licence with their smartphone, which is transformed into a digital identity. For consumers, their digital identity will always be free to use and lets them prove their identity in seconds. It also slashes the time and cost required for businesses to verify customers.

infosec products november 17 2017

NeuVector updates container firewall security solution

Adapting to evolving container security needs, NeuVector 1.3 features a wealth of key security, integration, and UI additions. NeuVector is a true Layer 7 container firewall, providing Layer 7 filtering for all container traffic, along with network intelligence that understands application intent and disallows suspicious behavior.

infosec products november 17 2017

All-in-one management and visibility for virtual, physical and cloud workloads

Veeam Software announced availability of the Veeam Availability Console, a free management console for service providers delivering Veeam-powered services, such as Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), to more manage, track and invoice for these services. The console can also be used by distributed enterprises operating in an IT service delivery model and wanting to offer centrally managed backup, data protection and disaster recovery services across a distributed multi-cloud environment.

infosec products november 17 2017

Bitglass announces CASB Zero-Day Core

Bitglass announced the availability of its Zero-Day Core technologies as part of the Bitglass CASB platform. These technologies aim to block data leakage paths that are exploited for the first time and identify previously unknown threats. Bitglass offers data protection, threat protection, identity and visibility for any SaaS, custom, or packaged software application within seconds of configuration. No catalog, signatures or changes to applications required.

infosec products november 17 2017

Timeline visualization solution empowers collaborative analysis and evidence assembly

Ntrepid released a new version of Timestream, the company’s patented web-based timeline visualization solution. Timestream’s technology enables investigative and legal teams to work more collaboratively on cases by allowing users to attach images, videos, files, notes and other information related to the events of a case on their shared timeline. Users can visualize the case on a multi-layered timeline, enabling multiple storylines and exposing the stories hidden in the pile of both facts and fiction.

infosec products november 17 2017

Context-free, natively-secure containers

IronClad Encryption Corporation announced ICEMicro, a context-free and natively-secure container that enables developers to secure communication between containers across disparate scheduling and orchestration platforms, IaaS services, transport-layer security protocols, and on-premises or hybrid environments using Docker-compatible hypervisors. ICEMicro gives DevOps teams a way to build, deploy and run secure applications without the costs associated with legacy security strategies.

infosec products november 17 2017

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