The Ransomware Survival Handbook

When a ransomware infection spreads through your network, its goal is to encrypt any files it can access (even backups) as quickly as possible. That can happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds. And from there, the clock starts ticking because everyone expects you to get things back up and running.

Read The Ransomware Survival Handbook and learn how to recover quickly and effectively (and not get hit again).

Ransomware Survival Handbook

Written based on advice from IT pros who experienced ransomware firsthand, the handbook provides you with essential tips and recovery lessons you don’t have to learn the hard way.

What’s inside the handbook:

  • Breakdowns of the most likely infection scenarios
  • Clear step-by-step instructions for containing and responding to a ransomware attack so you can get back to work
  • Important tips for ransomware prevention that go beyond having good backups.
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