Canon selects Vera to secure the future of digital imaging and printing

Canon has selected Vera to secure and protect Canon’s fleet of digital imaging and printing products and services. This partnership will help enterprises protect their intellectual property and business information from data leaks for all information processed or handled by Canon devices.

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Canon will leverage Vera’s award-winning encryption and dynamic data protection technology to further its commitment to innovation and deliver advanced rights management across its entire product portfolio.

Vera’s data-centric security platform gives customers the ability to encrypt, track, and control how content is used, no matter where it’s stored, or how it’s shared. Combining Vera’s security and dynamic control with Canon Solutions America’s digital and business services platform, its customers will now have access to a secure and trusted workflow platform.

As part of this strategic partnership, Canon’s sales force will offer Vera products and services as a core part of their Enterprise Software Solutions practice. Additionally, Canon Solutions America will integrate Vera’s data security solution across its product portfolio to protect sensitive data the moment it’s captured by a Canon device.

Canon Solutions America has chosen Vera to:

Secure content and file sharing: From local storage to cloud content management, Vera ensures only authorized parties can access sensitive data. The platform can seamlessly boost the security of any file that leaves an organization with additional encryption, file-level usage rights, and document classification, and maintain that control anywhere the file travels.

Provide dynamic authentication for critical information: Vera’s policy-driven multi-factor authentication protects highly-classified information ensuring only authorized partners can access it. Based on the sensitivity of a document, where it’s been stored, and who has access, Vera automatically requires additional authentication factors to confirm they are the right party to access sensitive data.

Comply with EU regulations and protect customer data by default: Vera accelerates enterprises’ ability to comply with a complex web of state, federal, and international regulations, including the EU’s impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Vera provides the 360-degree audit trail and chain of custody necessary for global risk and compliance officers to precisely control what users can and cannot do with enterprise data while simultaneously preserving their privacy, across all applications, devices, and platforms.

“Our mission is to protect our customer’s most sensitive data, anywhere and always,” said Ajay Arora, CEO of Vera. “Canon’s products are at the center of how businesses around the world work, and we’re inspired by their philosophy of working together for the common good.”

As companies seek frictionless security solutions to protect personal and corporate data, this partnership brings together Vera’s data security solution with Canon’s suite of products that shape our experience everyday. By protecting information and images generated by Canon multifunction devices, businesses can now get 360-degree visibility into how confidential data is being accessed, the ability to instantly revoke file access, and the tools they need to continually enforce security policies, even after information has left their network.

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