New infosec products of the week​: March 9, 2018

Discover, secure and govern personal data in motion

StreamSets Data Protector reduces risk of violations by helping companies meet requirements for GDPR, HIPAA and other compliance regimes. It extends protection to the point of initial data ingestion, leveraging Dataflow Sensors that are part of StreamSets Data Collector. These sensors discover PII by comparing incoming data to built-in patterns such as national ID, tax ID or driver license numbers, bank account or credit card numbers, or IP addresses, or additional patterns created by the customer.

infosec products march 2018

Quantify cyber risk in financial terms

Nehemiah Security released RQ 2.0, a cyber risk platform engineered to financially quantify security as a business risk based on verifiable intelligence. Designed to correlate technical risks with an organization’s business assets, RQ’s Risk Engine aggregates data from business units, IT environments, and threat intelligence to identify the dollar amount that an organization’s unique risks pose to their business operations.

infosec products march 2018

Veritas protects healthcare data and enterprise business information

Veritas Technologies unveiled two new technology appliances enabling a software-defined storage approach to data management and storage from on-premises to the multi-cloud for the backup and recovery of data—including protected healthcare data. The Veritas Access Appliance allows organizations to replace long-term retention media, such as tape storage, in a pre-tested and pre-configured form factor. It integrates Veritas Access Software-Defined Storage into an optimized appliance for securely storing data.

infosec products march 2018

Aqua 3.0 introduces Kubernetes-native enterprise security controls

Aqua Security’s platform features new security automation and controls for Kubernetes-based runtime environments. The new release also introduces more than 120 additional features, extending the capabilities of the company’s end-to-end container security platform to address the requirements of today’s multi-platform enterprise customers, from securing the build pipeline and enabling DevSecOps, to runtime protection of workloads.

infosec products march 2018

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