Enterprise-grade security for midmarket organizations

To simplify how customers protect their organizations, FireEye is launching three core subscription solutions plus one comprehensive suite at RSA Conference 2018.

security midmarket organizations

  • FireEye Endpoint Security is designed to provide comprehensive defense on the endpoint, combining endpoint protection to stop common malware and endpoint detection and remediation to find, block and remove advanced targeted attacks.
  • FireEye Network Security is designed to protect against all types of threats, from commodity breaches to the most advanced, targeted attacks, whether inbound from the perimeter or laterally throughout the network.
  • FireEye Email Security is designed to rapidly detect email-based cyber attacks and block the most dangerous email threats including malware-laden attachments and URLs, credential phishing sites and impersonation attacks.
  • FireEye Security Suite – a complete suite combining FireEye Network Security, Email Security and Endpoint Security for ultimate enterprise-grade security posture.

These solutions include proven FireEye security products and technology, working via the included FireEye Helix security operations platform. Helix integrates security solutions and applies threat intelligence, automation and case management to allow organizations to take control of incidents from alert to fix.

Each of these solutions is available on a straightforward per-year subscription basis and includes: FireEye Helix, 24/7 support, cloud services, and virtual machines. Customers can deploy the solutions in numerous ways such as cloud, virtual or on-premise, and if needed, add required hardware appliances via the same subscription model.

To minimize risk of data theft, including stolen passwords, intellectual property and sensitive corporate data, FireEye is introducing the FireEye SmartVision Edition, a specific edition of Network Security solely focused on detecting suspicious lateral (east-west) traffic inside a network.

The company is offering the core security solutions with two subscription pricing models based upon customer consumption: one optimized for larger organizations based on total network bandwidth, mailboxes, and endpoints protected, and a simpler per-user model for midsize organizations up to 2000 users. The FireEye Security Suite is aimed at midmarket customers and is available on a per user basis, for organizations up to 2000 users.

RSA Conference 2018

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