Identity-as-a-Service for hybrid customer environments

OneLogin is showcasing enhancements to its Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) cloud platform, including the OneLogin Desktop experience, LDAP, and RADIUS capabilities, at RSA Conference 2018, in continued efforts to serve the sophisticated Access Management needs of modern enterprises.


As customers digitally transform, OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for organizations to access the apps and data they need anytime, anywhere.

OneLogin’s Unified Access Management Platform (UAM) is purpose-built for hybrid customer environments, allowing companies of any size to manage access for on-premise and cloud applications with a single solution. UAM extends beyond core IDaaS functionality with features including endpoint management (OneLogin Desktop), cloud-based LDAP authentication (OneLogin LDAP), and support for RADIUS-enabled appliances (OneLogin Cloud RADIUS).

OneLogin Desktop is a lightweight Unified Access Management component for Mac and Windows that enables enterprise end-user sign-in and the management of device access without having to bind to a legacy directory such Active Directory or LDAP. The new release supports kiosk mode to accommodate multiple users on the same system, a common need for organizations in industries with a dynamic workforce, such as healthcare and manufacturing. The Mac version also supports enterprise deployment by solutions leveraging Enterprise Mobility Management solutions like Jamf Pro.

OneLogin’s LDAP service allows enterprises to connect to OneLogin’s centralized cloud directory via the LDAP protocol for integrating legacy applications and network appliances with modern access infrastructure. The new release supports custom and directory synced attributes enabling organizations to customize authorization parameters and integrate with a broader range of legacy apps and appliances, extending contemporary access functionality such as Single Sign-On and adaptive multi-factor authentication to legacy applications.

OneLogin’s cloud RADIUS service works with network appliances such as VPNs and Cisco Meraki WiFi access points to provide enterprises secure access to their private networks such as office networks and production environments. The solution supports network access with the same OneLogin credentials and second authentication factor for end-users, and delivers a single platform for managing network access based on the same security groups and roles used across the enterprise. The most recent enhancement provides support for the MSCHAPv2 authentication method.
For more about these developments, you can visit the OneLogin booth #1327 at RSA.

Large enterprises with intricate and increasingly complex IT environments need an Identity and Access Management (IAM) vendor who can manage access requirements for both cloud-based and on-prem applications. Airbus, Mitsubishi Electric, and NASA are just a few of the brands among OneLogin’s growing list of enterprise customers. More than 2,000 enterprises globally secure their applications with OneLogin.

“Hybrid IT is more than a temporary transitional phase. It’s actually an end state as companies seek to integrate and manage both on-premise and cloud-based resources,” said Garrett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst, 451 Research. “A unified access management approach can help enterprises manage a mix of on-premise and cloud apps, a myriad of directories and a wide range of users across various networks and devices.”

RSA Conference 2018

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