New infosec products of the week​: June 1, 2018

JASK transforms how SOC operators visualize cyber attacks

JASK is capturing industry demand with new features centered around enterprise-wide alert linkages and analyst workflow efficiency. Enhancements include the JASK Navigator, a visually-driven, contextually-rich investigation console that provides SOC analysts a one-click path to situational attack awareness, multi-asset data ingestion, query flexibility and analyst team workflow support.

infosec products week​ june 2018

Analytics for the endpoint help organizations identify zero-day attacks

This latest version of Interset’s AI-enabled security analytics platform delivers new analytics and investigation capabilities that help companies fortify security. Interset 5.6 features additional models for EDR data, building on the platform’s existing catalogue of more than 400 unsupervised machine learning models. The new models emphasize threat detection for data-exfiltration and infected-host use cases by detecting anomalies in port usage, inbound or outbound data transfers and processes.

infosec products week​ june 2018 launches privacy management and control solution

The suite of solutions provides continuously updated visibility into the data flows within an organization, enabling privacy and security stakeholders to locate all personal data, be it known or unknown, structured or unstructured, in motion or at rest.

infosec products week​ june 2018

Aerohive announces GDPR readiness

Aerohive has implemented a comprehensive set of compliance-enabling new functionality in its HiveManager network management system developed to assist customers in addressing the “rights to request” and “rights to forget” that are stipulated by GDPR. It accomplishes this by searching for, downloading, editing and deleting personal data that may be present in HiveManager, as well as by logging these activities and generating GDPR audit reports.

infosec products week​ june 2018

Bomgar Remote Support 18.2 now safeguards service desk credentials

Bomgar released the latest version of its Remote Support solution, which enables IT service desks and support centers to access and fix nearly any remote device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world. Technicians using Bomgar can connect to, view, and control remote systems and devices, chat and collaborate with end-users or other technicians, all while improving remote access security.

infosec products week​ june 2018

NCP Engineering updates remote access clients

New features of the NCP Exclusive Remote Access Client 11.1 include biometric authentication and secure hotspot login. New features of the NCP Exclusive Remote Access Management Server 5.0 include an enhanced database access for bulk user logins, optimization of the RADIUS functionality, and support for Sophos MCS two-factor authentication.

infosec products week​ june 2018

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