NCP Engineering releases Secure Enterprise Client 11.1

NCP engineering released the Secure Enterprise Client version 11.1 for secure virtual private network (VPN) connections on Windows operating systems. The new NCP Secure Enterprise Client features include biometric authentication, secure hotspot login, and a modernized graphical user interface (GUI). These features offer enhanced security and more flexibility in both home office and corporate IT environments.

Biometric authentication offers fingerprint recognition and face recognition for the extended protection against unauthorized third-party access to an unlocked workstation. When using the Windows pre-logon function, the new credential provider with hotspot login allows users to establish a VPN tunnel within company headquarters before logging on to the Windows system.

Therefore, the user is authenticated through the central Windows domain or active directory. The NCP Secure Enterprise Client version 11.1 also enables the secure login to a WLAN hotspot in the pre-logon phase and fully protects the user with an integrated, dynamic firewall.

“Maintaining security and compliance while working remotely is often a difficult task for employees and corporate IT,” said Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP engineering. “The new Enterprise Client for Windows offers added value to users and IT administrators by providing advanced authentication and establishing secure hotspot connections. Since all modules can be configured centrally by IT management, users can benefit from a single-click solution which connects to the internet automatically, establishes a VPN tunnel, selects the network and configures firewall rules independently.”

NCP Secure Enterprise Solutions offer a scalable, hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN gateway and a management system (SEM) to support organizations’ entire remote access infrastructure. A Remote Access solution is included to secure all communications to the corporate network while allowing IT administrators to monitor for anomalies and centrally manage issues as they arise, such as immediately revoking access in case of a breach.

In addition to the Secure Enterprise Client 11.1, NCP engineering is also releasing the NCP Secure Entry Client 11.1. The new Entry Client includes all of the functionality of the Enterprise Client except for the capability to be centrally managed. As a one-click solution, the IPsec client software automatically selects the appropriate firewall policy, controls internet connectivity, and initiates setup of a VPN tunnel.

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