Inbox Security Scan identifies and protects critical online accounts

The average internet user has over 150 online accounts, making it nearly impossible to create strong, unique passwords for each, and difficult to remember which accounts they created.

With Inbox Security Scan, people have insight into the current state of their online accounts, helping them to both understand what accounts they have and those they need to act on to protect.

This feature is built on Dashlane’s zero-knowledge architecture, and is the only capability of its kind on the market.

Inbox Security Scan is a tool for anyone with an email address and makes it easier than ever to get started using Dashlane on mobile.

The feature, which is available with Gmail on iOS and Android, as well as with Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, and on Android, scans your email inbox, finds all the accounts you’ve created using that email, and offers a security analysis that includes a timeline of account creations, account categorization, and identification of accounts potentially affected by previous hacks.

From there, people can save accounts to Dashlane and manage passwords in one tap.

“With the release of Inbox Security Scan, we’re putting the needs of people front and center, offering anyone interested in understanding their digital footprint a huge amount of personalized insight within seconds of downloading the Dashlane app,” said CEO Emmanuel Schalit.

“Inbox Security Scan was designed to make identifying and importing critical accounts as easy as possible, and to help take control of and increase protection for these accounts quickly once they are in Dashlane.”

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