Access Professional Edition 3.7: Personalized access control from Bosch

Bosch has released version 3.7 of its Access Professional Edition (APE) access control software.

The update adds features such as assembly points for emergency situations, personalized permanent open and output signals, plus management of user access rights and data supporting companies to meet the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Assembly point for emergencies

Companies can set up assembly points where employees can show their card to register as safe during emergencies.

Set-up requires installing a Bosch access control reader in a safe area (assembly point) outside of the building, but improves employee safety during evacuations.

The APE provides a real-time view of evacuation status so operators can take action when employees still remain inside the building.

Given the nature of evacuations, this feature provides data to improve employee safety for facility managers or operators during emergencies and can be installed without the need to invest in a separate system.

VIP functionality

This functionality provides visitors and company CEOs with a welcome treatment via programmable features.

With APE 3.7, operators can assign output signal to individual users to trigger specific functions.

For instance, when the president of a company opens a door via the card reader, the system displays a specific welcome message, automatically calls an elevator or plays an audio signal.

Personalized permanent open functionality

While APE provides users level of access control, some cases call for assigning certain doors to a permanent open status.

This includes events, where guests are permitted to enter without presenting a badge.

This version of APE makes it easy: authorized users can activate or deactivate permanent open mode right at the reader by presenting their card and entering a PIN code.

Management of user access rights

In order to help system operators ensure that only authorized individuals have certain access rights, APE 3.7 allows for accessing groups of users by specific criteria.

For instance, searching for users by date of last access enables system administrators to easily remove access rights of multiple users at once.

To avoid removing administrators on accident, their names do not show in list view.

GDPR compliance

APE 3.7 supports companies in being compliant with the GDPR requirements relating to data privacy.

APE helps safeguard user data by limiting access to certain persons, who need to be defined by the system administrator.

Moreover, operators can print all stored user data upon request and user data including personal images are erased automatically upon user account deletion.

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