Tripwire’s IP360 vulnerability management solution features agent-based scanning

Tripwire announced that agent-based vulnerability scanning is available in the latest version of Tripwire IP360.

With the addition of agent-based capabilities, Tripwire IP360 9.0 provides a view of vulnerability risks across hybrid environments, including on-premise, in the cloud and in container-based environments.

Leveraging agents for vulnerability management provides visibility into areas where traditional network scanning is not practical – such as environments with intermittently connected devices, dynamic IP addresses and cloud images – and bypasses the need to manage credentialed access.

By combining agent-based and agentless scanning options, Tripwire IP360 provides assessment of vulnerability risks.

“Continuously assessing and addressing vulnerabilities is critical to an effective cybersecurity strategy,” said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire.

“However, it can be challenging to track vulnerabilities in highly dynamic environments, such as those where employee laptops frequently go on and off of the corporate network. Deploying agents extends visibility into areas that traditional scans can’t access.”

Tripwire IP360 uses Tripwire Axon agent technology. The agent is native component that works with a variety of enterprise operating systems.

It executes rules delivered through regular Tripwire IP360 content updates to identify and score vulnerabilities on the asset, as well as to take inventory of the applications and system characteristics of the host.

As a vulnerability and security risk management solution that discovers and profiles network assets, Tripwire IP360 delivers dynamic prioritization metrics. It combines business asset values with vulnerability scores, making it possible to prioritize security risks in the context of customer businesses.

The new functionality of Tripwire IP360 version 9.0 is generally available and can be accessed by current Tripwire IP360 customers through the Tripwire Customer Center.

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