Darktrace Cloud protects cloud computing models and SaaS applications

Darktrace has announced that Darktrace Cloud can protect cloud computing models, applications, and devices with its cyber AI technology. The announced capability comes in response to demand for Darktrace Cloud and the adoption of cloud architectures, such as edge computing and IoT data stored in the cloud.

Over 500 Darktrace customers use Darktrace Cloud to defend cloud environments and SaaS applications including Addivant, Innovating Capital, TruWest Credit Union, and City of Las Vegas.

“With Darktrace Cloud, we are shining a flashlight into the darkest corners of our digital infrastructure,” commented Collin McCreath, Director of Information Technology at Addivant.

“The ability to leverage Darktrace’s AI to identify vulnerabilities and unknown threats in real time has fundamentally transformed our cyber security strategy. We now have unparalleled visibility of all our cloud environments and SaaS applications, and can better understand not only the configurations of our cloud workloads, but the movements between our entire digital business.”

Darktrace Cloud uses software-based sensors and application programming interfaces (APIs) to model the pattern of life of users and devices to detect changes to configurations or unusual movement of data.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Darktrace Cloud analyzes data flows within cloud workloads and SaaS applications, and:

  • Learns a dynamic ‘pattern of life’ for every user, device and container,
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and emerging cyber-threats,
  • Offers autonomous response for fast-moving attacks,
  • Provides unprecedented visibility, removing blind spots,
  • Integrates with all major cloud and SaaS platforms.

“From pure cloud environments to multi-cloud and SaaS applications like Office365, organizations are rapidly evolving their infrastructures – but with this comes a significant change in cyber security,” commented Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace.

“By using Darktrace’s proven AI to power real-time threat detection within the cloud, organizations are identifying misconfigurations and emerging threats in a critical part of the digital infrastructure.”

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