Free training courses on DDoS protection, from introduction to mitigation

The DDoS Protection Bootcamp is the first online portal to provide in-depth technical training in the field of DDoS protection.

DDoS protection training

If you’re involved in IT security or network operations, you know that DDoS attacks are a problem that’s not going away. Recent studies indicate that almost 75% of organizations have suffered at least one attack over the past 12 months.

What’s inside?

This comprehensive quiz-based training course, available at both the Basic and Advanced levels, is comprised of eight sections on topics ranging from DDoS attack types to business risks and mitigation techniques.

The course is both challenging and fun—packed with technical descriptions as well as real-world simulations to help you build skills.

Each section is followed by a quiz whose level of difficulty depends on the course level. More than just testing your knowledge and giving you a score, the quiz also gives you a complete explanation of the right answer.

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