Webroot announces integration with BrightGauge

This partnership will integrate Webroot’s real-time cybersecurity data into dashboards and reports through the BrightGauge’s business intelligence platform for MSPs for business insights.

With dashboards leveraging Webroot data, BrightGauge customers will experience a real-time view of active threats to monitor and manage security operations.

Security reports through BrightGauge help MSPs share Webroot’s in-depth data with customers to make business decisions.

“Webroot and BrightGauge have a shared understanding of the challenges today’s MSPs face. With our cybersecurity data now integrated, MSPs will have a single dashboard through BrightGauge to visualize, analyze, and report on their entire ecosystem of products. We are always looking for ways to help streamline operations for our partners, and this new integration will give MSPs a powerful new tool to consolidate data sources.”, said Charlie Tomeo, Vice President of Worldwide Business Sales, Webroot.

“Webroot is a powerful cybersecurity platform that pairs well with BrightGauge’s value proposition. Many of our customers are already Webroot users and have been requesting this integration for a long time. We’re happy to finally add this data source to our roster. We value a partner like Webroot that is interested in integrating their technology to make our solutions easier to deploy and use.”, said Brian Dosal, CEO of BrightGauge.

“BrightGauge’s integration with Webroot has enabled us to better display for our customers the multitude of threats they are facing – and are being protected from – with real-time visibility and new reporting options. This level of integration makes our jobs easier, and also helps our clients see the true value of the work we do.”, said Christopher Cable, Service Manager, Techworks Consulting.

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