Windstream Enterprise announces SD-WAN Cloud Connect to enhance enterprise cloud migration

Windstream Enterprise announced that it has launched SD-WAN Cloud Connect, a way for enterprises to connect all their network locations to their cloud-based applications.

Offered in collaboration with VeloCloud, now part of VMware, SD-WAN Cloud Connect is the answer to the enterprise need for agility, affordability, visibility and control with secure, private, dedicated access to leading third-party cloud service providers.

“The introduction of SD-WAN Cloud Connect represents a significant milestone in our SD-WAN journey,” says Mike Frane, vice president of product management, Windstream. “We launched the current product just over a year ago and with the addition of SD-WAN Cloud Connect, we are bringing a solution to both existing and new customers that will make it easier for them to participate in today’s cloud-based digital transformation.”

The power of SD-WAN Cloud Connect lies in its integration of SD-WAN Concierge and Cloud Connect. With flexible access options—public broadband to private circuit—SD-WAN Cloud Connect enables enterprises to connect to public or proprietary apps running at the cloud service providers (CSPs).

SD-WAN Cloud Connect is a “virtual edge” device at the CSP, and communicates to the enterprise’s premise-based SD-WAN edge sites, putting the cloud applications closer to end-users for optimal performance.

The customer experience weighed heavily into SD-WAN Cloud Connect design and function. The SD-WAN Cloud Connect location appears as part of the customer’s network, and the SD-WAN Management Tool in WE Connect provides the same levels of visibility and control as any other SD-WAN location.

Customers also have the option to self-install the SD-WAN Cloud Connect “virtual edge” device on a server at their CSP, or engage the WE Professional Services team to spin-up their edge device.

Once the install is complete, WE activates the “virtual edge” device and it becomes part of the customer’s network, with WE providing management of that location as part of a fully-managed solution.

“We are excited to collaborate with Windstream Enterprise to bring this innovative ‘virtual edge’ solution to its customers,” says Michael Wood, vice president of marketing, VeloCloud Business Unit, VMware.

“Windstream has been at the forefront of the industry with their SD-WAN solution and this launch marks another accomplishment in a long line of successes we’ve shared while working together.”

SD-WAN Cloud Connect will be available first to customers using Amazon Web Services in July, followed by Microsoft Azure customers in August.

In addition to its SD-WAN Concierge and Cloud Connect solutions, Windstream Enterprise offers its OfficeSuite UC, Wi-Fi and contact center services.

It also offers a range of network and communications solutions including integrated network security, and access, transport and business continuity solutions including Wavelength Services with Optical Encryption, Ethernet and Fixed Wireless that are collectively designed to help businesses increase productivity, and improve ROI.

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