Bomgar releases free privileged account Discovery Tool

Bomgar announced the release of its Bomgar Discovery Tool. This free product generates a report revealing issues that could put an organization at risk for data breaches and failed regulatory compliance audits. The report provides IT security professionals with details about unsecured service accounts, Active Directory domain accounts, and local administrator accounts.

“Today’s cyberattacks and insider threats can exploit just one unsecured privileged account to gain unauthorized access on the network, which can quickly be elevated to access sensitive data,” said Dan DeRosa, senior vice president of product management at Bomgar.

“If you can’t find the privileged accounts on your network, you can’t secure them. Using the new Bomgar Discovery Tool you can locate privileged accounts, including ones that you might not have known existed. You can see the credentials associated with each account and the age of the passwords to determine if they comply with your security policies.”

Automated privileged account security

According to Gartner, “All the privileged accounts in the IT environment that enjoy privileges beyond that of a standard user should be recorded and accounted for. It is a security best practice to frequently scan the infrastructure to discover any new accounts introduced with excess privileges.”

With the free Bomgar Discovery Tool, organizations can identity and document privileged identities that are at risk of compromise.

Bomgar also provides Privileged Identity, a solution that protects IT environments by discovering, securing and rotating the credentials for all privileged identities. Privileged credentials are only accessible to authorized users with granular levels of permissions – preventing unauthorized, anonymous access to critical systems.

The Bomgar Discovery Tool is available for unlimited use and can be downloaded and run for free at any time. The discovery process takes minutes, and generates a report about privileged account vulnerabilities.

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